Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Additions to the Blog

My solo show exhibit came down at the end of August and since I took it down, I've been thinking about my next steps as a photographer.  The exhibit was a major focus of my photography in 2011; in fact, it was the culmination of my work for the past three years in addition to the exploration of myself and my creativity as a photographer.  I don't want the exhibit to be it for me; I simply want it to be a starting point.  I have a few projects that are currently in the works; I'm excited about them but I don't want to provide too much detail until I'm satisfied with the final product and I deem it ready for the public eye.  The projects could take months or they could take years; just know that I'm working on a few things.  That brings me to this blog; this blog has simply served as another outlet for me to talk about and display my work.  I will continue to use it for that purpose, but I want it to grow, just as I have.  So, I will be adding a few new dimensions to it. 

First, I would like to incorporate more photography industry news.  Rather than this site being strictly a form of self promotion, I would also like to include information that is important to other individuals.  But, rather than rehashing articles and links from other sites, I would like to comment on the information and add my particular thoughts, opinions and angle regarding the subject.

Second, I am going to start a featured artist column/section.  There are so many photographers, past and present, that provide inspiration and have shaped the world of photography as we know it today.  Those individuals need to be recognized.  Granted, a number of them have been immortalized in some way, but I would like to feature a different artist every week as an educational and inspirational tool for myself as well as others.  I'm going to provide biographical info, images, the influence they've had on the art form, what I like/dislike about them and how they've inspired me or will inspire me.  The individuals can range from well known greats like Ansel Adams to up and coming photographers that are just getting their start.

I'm excited about these changes and I hope they make the blog more of a destination site for everyone.  With that being said, I plan to launch the first artist feature sometime next week.  In regards to the news pieces, I'm going to start that today, with a recent article I found from the British Journal of Photography regarding instant photography.  So, stay tuned for that piece later this afternoon.

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