Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oxford Comma

Oxford is such an interesting and historical city.  The vibe was completely different from that of Brighton.  Brighton was a very independent, artsy, kitschy and unique town.  While there was some historical significance, it was clear that Brighton was a party town that was more concerned with having a good time, enjoying good food and good drink and supporting the arts.  Oxford is a city that looks and feels like what I would think most Americans would think of when they picture an English town or city.  The buildings are absolutely breathtaking.  They are so old and the architecture just transports you back in time.  It's funny, because as we were walking around on our first day in the city, I felt as if we were extras in Harry Potter.  There were lots of English school children running around with their parents; it just so happened to be "Parents Weekend" and all of the colleges opened their doors for future students and their parents. Oxford University is one of the most historic colleges in the world; in fact, according to Wikipedia, it's the second oldest surviving university in the world and the oldest English speaking institution.  The University of Oxford contains 39 colleges and no central campus.  As you're walking through Oxford, you'll realize that it's truly a college town.  You'll likely pass one of the many colleges, but you'll also see a number of historic pubs, boutiques, antique shops and many libraries, churches, theaters and other gorgeous buildings to view.  Another interesting thing to note is the number of bicycles that are in Oxford.  Almost everyone gets around by bike or by walking and you'll notice bicycles parked everywhere.  I believe you'll see at least three bikes in the shots above.  Oxford is truly a beauty, but my words can not even do it justice.  It's the perfect place to get a slice of England.

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