Thursday, December 30, 2010

Brighton Rock


The first place we decided to go after our time in London was Brighton.  Brighton is a very interesting city and is definitely worth at least one visit.  It's ocean side and is very diverse.  Not only in it's inhabitants, but also in it's shops, food and art.  Brighton is filled with art galleries, shops selling custom artisan pieces, and restaurants cooking up some of the best food on the other side of the pond.  Every meal we had was outstanding; even the coffee was top notch.  We found some great finds in the shops and we got caught up in the city's vibrant and creative nature.  It was hard not to be inspired on our visit.  In fact, I felt as if I hit a creative high point in Brighton.  I hope that comes through in the images that I've posted, because anything less would be a shame to this great city by the sea.

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  1. Amazing my friend, these are all excellent, not just this set. I really want to deny your talent, ya know to make myself feel better. :) But these are awesome, I can't wait to see more offerings.