Friday, December 17, 2010

Abstract London

This abstract is a shot of the spokes on the London Eye.  I loved the way the lines looked against the sky.  I converted this to black and white.  I like that something so simple can become an abstract.

I absolutely love this shot and I knew I would from the moment I framed it in the viewfinder.  To me it looks like a painting, but it's actually a staircase in the White Tower at the Tower of London.  Art is everywhere and I enjoy that I can create an image, such as this one, with my eye and the camera.

This has recently become one of my favorite images.  This is actually the facade of a building.  The colors, rectangles, and lines make this an engaging piece of architecture and I was glad I could capture that.

I typically don't like to alter photos and enter into the realm of what's called digital art.  However, on occasion, I will experiment.  When I captured this image, I knew immediately that I wanted to work with a special effect.  This is an image of the Houses of Parliament.  The original image was underexposed, but I knew it would work for the finished product.  This building is so distinguishable, I felt that most individuals would be able to recognize it without seeing the exact image I captured in my camera.  So, after processing the RAW file, I used the threshold effect to create the image above. 

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