Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Troy, Ohio

So, as you all know from my last post, I used my new camera for the first time at "Historic" Loveland Castle. That experience was not what I hoped for, so I wanted to go on another shoot to get better acquainted with the Canon EOS 50D. For me, the easiest thing to do is to go on a "walk-about" of downtown Troy, OH. On a Sunday morning, I got up early and went downtown and took about 50 to 60 images.

I didn't get any "show-stopping" images, but I worked with aperature, got to know my camera a little better, and generally had a good experience. Troy is a quaint little town and there are some interesting things to photograph. It was a good second experience with my camera and there's something comforting about walking around your neighborhood; for me, the goal is to always find something unexpected in something that's so familiar.

I've posted some images below with a few descriptions. You can see more from the shoot via my Flickr account.

The BREW 1831

I've recently begun experimenting with the deconstructing of a whole as the focus of my image, especially with signage. Let's take this shot for example. I actually hate the Brewery, but the historic and vintage nature of the sign is perfect for an image. So, instead of photographing the whole sign, I split it in two sections. I also added a sepia tone to give it a truly vintage feel. I have a B&W version over at Flickr as well.

ERY 1831

This is the second part of the Brewery sign. Again, I used a sepia tone to give it a vintage look. When I view these, I seem to think of Cheers. I did not shoot these as one image and crop them; they are two entirely separate images.

Aged Paint

If anyone is familiar with Troy, there is a brightly painted wall on one side of the small Mayflower Theatre. The paint has begun to peel, so I chose to highlight the paint peeling from below. This is my view looking up; I used aperature priority to get a shallower depth of field.

Is That a Cone?

I found this configuration on a side street. I liked the colors and the fact that the "?" was "pointing" towards the cone.

In Bloom

I'm not sure what type of tree this was, but I loved the texture of the blooms and the greens of the leaves, the pink blooms and the blue sky. Again, I used aperature priority for this shot. There is another version on Flickr.

Active Lifestyle

I saw this image on a porch as I was getting ready to get back into my car and drive home. I couldn't resist taking this shot and it was one of my favorites of the day. I posted a cropped version on Flickr, so head over and tell me what you think.

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