Thursday, June 3, 2010

Recent Shoot - Historic Loveland Castle

The first photo shoot that I used my Canon EOS 50D took place Saturday, March 27 at Historic Loveland Castle in Loveland, Ohio. For those of you who don't know, Loveland Castle or Chateau Laroche, was built by one man: Harry Andrews.

I was anxiously awaiting this shoot. For starters, I had a brand new camera that I hadn't used yet. I was also going to shoot a castle. I admit, I had grand visions of English and Scottish castles; picturesque views of structures that we don't see everyday. However, Loveland Castle was anything but picturesque. The structure itself is a sight and especially since it was built by a single man. However, that's where the intrigue ended. The castle was filled with random artifacts and pictures, providing the visitor with a cloudy picture of what they were walking through. The lighting was horrible, the landscape around the castle was shabby, and the "Renaissance" individuals in costume sat around and chatted among themselves. They didn't perform or offer any sort of insight into why they were there.

Overall, the shoot was disappointing. The subject matter was dull and I didn't walk away with many shots worth a second look. At the end of the day, I'll have to go to the source if I want to photograph a castle with character. Using the camera for the first time was exciting and I did manage to capture a few images that were worth posting, if nothing else, for a look at my work.

Harry Andrews, you may have been brilliant, but you were also odd. I don't believe your residence is worth the price of admission, because the so-called castle and museum lack cohesiveness.

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