Sunday, June 9, 2013

Photography Week in Review - June 3-9

Welcome to the first full week of June.  It’s hard to believe that we’re to the halfway point of 2013.  It’s almost officially summer and that usually means additional shooting opportunities.  Here’s hoping you’ve been able to get out and shoot.  Now, onto the Photography Week in Review for June 3-9.
Mat Marrash Print Sale
I’m a big fan of Mat’s work.  Not only is he extremely talented, he’s also a great teacher willing to share his knowledge.  Mat is also willing to lend a hand to other artists in need.  Lauren Bagley, a brilliant illustrator, was the victim of a massive hardware crash resulting in the loss of her PC and tablet.  Mat’s hosting an “emergency print sale” for three of his most recent large format prints.  All proceeds are going to Lauren to help get her back up and running.  This is a great opportunity to own some of Mat’s beautiful work and help another artist.  Learn more and buy prints here.
Ringo Starr Photography Book
While on the subject of prints for sale, Ringo Starr is set to release an e-book titled “Photograph” this week.  The book features never before seen photographs of The Beatles and is being released in conjunction with the Grammy Museum’s exhibit, “Ringo:  Peace & Love.”  The book will be available in physical format in December.  Read more about it here.  
Japan Camera Hunter Zine and Book Feature
I talked about the Japan Camera Hunter site a few weeks ago.  This week he posted a little write up regarding a few self published zines and books that he received in the mail.  He’s definitely a fan of this format and has decided to do a feature on them (potentially once a month, depending on the number of submissions he receives).  This is a great opportunity to get your work seen by a much bigger audience.  Read the post and learn how to submit your zine or book here.
British Journal of Photography Article on Creative Peak/Decline
This article can be summed up by a quote from one of the individuals that was interviewed for it:  “How do photographers keep their work fresh in the face of - “probably the greatest taboo subject of all” - creative decline?”  The issue is now on newsstands and features exclusive interviews with photographers aged 19 to 100 and how they keep their work fresh as they age.  It’s a great read, so I highly recommend picking up a copy.  Additionally, it’s nice a companion to my ongoing series about the creative process.  You can read highlights from the article here.
Lomography Releasing a New Product
Based on their great marketing and product packaging, Lomography likes everyone to believe that they have the perfect tools for keeping your creativity as a photographer alive.  Love them or hate them, they do a great job of promoting analogue photography.  In that vein, they’ve been teasing their brand new mystery product this week.  They’ve released four clues regarding the product they’re set to announce in a few days.  Based on the clues, my early guess is a SLR system.  Guess for yourself here and stay tuned as the announcement is set for this coming week.
Ona Releases New Camera Bags
While I’m on the subject of new products, a camera bag company that I’m obsessed with announced a new line of bags for this summer.  Ona is a company with a simple vision:  To provide camera bags and accessories that complement your life and style.  I’m in love with their Union Street bag and I hope that I will have it as part of my gear soon.  However, that is not their newest bag.  They just announced a new line for summer.  Here are the gorgeous bags that have been added to their already stellar line-up:  The Leather Bowery, The Bolton Street Backpack, The Dark Truffle Leather Brixton, The Smoke Bowery and The Presidio Camera Strap.  Learn more about Ona here.
New Apps
I have a couple new apps that I wanted to share this week.  The first one was not necessarily released this week, but just came to my attention.  It’s called Shutter-Speed.  It’s an iPhone app that measures the shutter speeds of old cameras.  If you’re like me and you have a collection of old manual cameras, then this app is something that will definitely come in handy.  Unfortunately, as time passes by, the shutters of these old manual gems seem to slow, which can cause improper exposure of your film.  This app measures the shutter speed of these manual cameras using sound waves to mark the time when the shutter opens and when it closes.  I haven’t been able to test it yet, but I’m definitely intrigued.  Read more about it here and here.
The second app that I wanted to discuss was just released this week.  The VSCO Cam is a new mobile photograhy app that is like Instagram on steroids.  You can take images directly from the app, edit immediately after capture, add filters from their multitude of presets and share the image across multiple channels.  The interface is sleek and shiny and is due to attract many hardcore mobile photographers.  I downloaded the app but have yet to really play around with it.  Regardless, I recommend checking out their promotional video here and seeing what the app is all about.
Pdexposures Release Podcast Episode #11
It just wouldn’t be a week in review if I didn’t mention the Pdexposures gang, would it?  They released their 11th podcast episode this week and it’s all about instant film.  Nate, Tony and Simon discuss the evolution of The Impossible Project, Fuji Pack Film and Fuji Instax.  Would you believe that Tony is a fan of instax?  They’re back with their normal banter and they even include some instant photography book recommendations.  Check the podcast out here.  
That’s it for this week.  Stay tuned for part three in my creative process series (due to drop in no more than two days) and I have a few new images from a shoot last fall to post.  Keep shooting and have a great week!

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