Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This is going to be a much shorter post than normal, but I just had to share this today.  One of the photographers I follow, Nate Matos, released the first episode of his newest project, Pdexposures.TV today.

Nate is a Portland, Oregon based creative that has a vast portfolio of work (both client based and personal project) and has an affinity for shooting film and experimenting with different cameras.  In fact, Nate is the reason that I found the Film Photography Project.  I came across an image of a camera he donated to the FPP on his Flickr account and I was hooked (on both FPP and his photography) ever since.  Nate's been doing some really amazing project work over the past couple of years, completing not one, but two instant film based Project 365s.  You can check them out here.

Pdexposures.TV is an extension of Nate's YouTube channel where he reviews cameras that he picks up.  He's typically shot those episodes on a web cam but those constraints are gone as he takes to the streets of Portland to shoot and review cameras.  In the premiere episode, Nate reviews the Rollei 35.  It's refreshing to see a web based show about film photography launch in 2013.  Nate's got more than camera reviews planned for upcoming episodes, so it should be quite an exciting year following his adventures.  I know I can't wait to watch!


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